Britain’s leading trade union calls for the release of imprisoned trade unionists in Iran!

Unite the union statement condemning the arrests of striking Iranian
steelworkers and the Iranian government oppression of trade unions.

UNITE stands in full solidarity with the Iranian steelworkers of INSIG Ahvaz and the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Complex in their recent industrial action demanding payment of unpaid wages and a return to public ownership. UNITE totally condemns the brutal response of the Iranian authorities in the early hours of Monday 17th December when security forces raided the homes of many of the strikers and arrested 31 of their leading representatives.

Unite joins with the TUC and IndustriALL global union in calling on the Iranian authorities to immediately:

· Release all arrested workers and trade unionists;

· Remove all riot police from the factory;

· Ensure payment of unpaid wages;

· Return to meaningful negotiations regarding a return of the facility to public ownership.

UNITE also calls on the Iranian authorities to recognise, implement and respect trade union rights based on ILO core conventions – including ILO conventions 87 and 98 covering the right to freedom of association and to bargain collectively.

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