Teacher’s Union protests clamp down in Iran

HE Hamid Baeidinejad Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

16 Princes Gate



Dear Your Excellency,

I write on behalf of the NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union to express our outrage at the violent abuses committed by Iranian security forces against peaceful protestors demanding a reversal of the decision to increase fuel prices.

Ordinary Iranians have taken to the streets across 23 provinces to express their anger, frustration and opposition to the sudden decision to massively increase fuel prices. This decision will result in considerable hardship, hunger and insecurity for millions of ordinary Iranians.

The NASUWT deeply regrets that peaceful protests have been met with extreme and systematic violence by the Iranian police and security forces, leading to hundreds dead and thousands more wounded. Many people are still reported missing.

The NASUWT endorses fully the criticism of the actions of the Iranian government made by the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights on 19 November 2019, expressing the UN’s deep concern about the level of violence used against peaceful protestors which has resulted in violations of international norms and standards on the use of force, including by the use of live ammunition against demonstrators.

The NASUWT demands that the Iranian government immediately:

  • cease the violence against its own people, including the cessation of violence against peaceful protestors;
  • (ii) release all protesters who have been detained following the decision to increase fuel prices;
  • (iii) allow urgent access to independent medical assistance for all those who have been affected by the actions of Iranian police and security forces.

The NASUWT further endorses calls on the Iranian government from the international community to account for its use of violence towards protesters, which has resulted in the unjustified killing, injury and detention of unarmed protestors.

Yours sincerely,



Chris Keates (Ms)

General Secretary

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