Whipping the Manufacturing and the Back of the Workers

In the past three years, we repeatedly stated that the employers will do anything and everything to get rid of the labour activists. From the false promise of the Minster of Labour to workers of the Bafgh mine that “the security forces will not interfere with the strike”, to the High Judicial Office of Khuzestan what issued a statement that “…Gathering, and disrupting the order in the petrochemical companies is against the law and regulations and will be dealt with according to the laws.” (From ILNA, 23/11/2015)

After flogging the mine workers in Tikaab, and the phony apology of the Minister, once again the workers were flogged, this time at the Bafgh iron ore mine, and so were the web bloggers, so that both “pen” and “arm” are equally punished by the lashes of slavery.

Today, the most important labour news was the whiplash executed on the first home appliance manufacturing company in iran, ARJ. Firing the workers and employees of this factory and putting this key industry for sale in front of the foreign investors highlights the so-called “resistance economy”. After declaring the “resistance economy” [by the Supreme Leader] and several visits of the chiefs of the IMF to Iran to order new directives, in the third month of the [Iranian] year, the workers are feeling the outcome of the visits and the “resistance economy” with their flesh and blood.

Attacking the labour achievements is all over the place; particularly summoning the reputable leader of the VAHED (The Union of Tehran Bus Transit Workers) to the revolution court, summoning the labour activists on the eve of the May Day, flogging the workers at Tikaab and Bafgh, flogging of the youth and web bloggers, forcing the workers at the Persian Gulf Star to agree that “they will be paid after six month by the employer if the employer invoices are paid [by the customer]”, and the last whiplash, was the closure of ARJ which was the pride of all Iranians, and especially its hard working workers.

Would the delegation to the ILO, and particularly the Minister of Labour, tell everyone how the lashes of the IMF are hitting the back of the workers and manufacturing? Will they tell the [ILO] conference that the workers of Tabriz Compressor Manufacturing are begging the Relief Foundation [of Imam Khomeini] and have asked that “if possible, at least a minimum amount of decent food is distributed to the workers of this factory”?

The IMF directives end up in nothing but lashes and beggary for the workers and for Iran.

While raising concern about the health and well being of Jafar Azimzadeh, the Union of the Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI) maintains that the confrontation with the workers and destroying the manufacturing lead to nothing but more vulnerability of the national security and the collapse of the country. It is not the workers who harm the national security; it is the anti-workers and anti-Iran policies that jeopardize the national interests and national security of the nation. Instead of the labour activists, the bearers of such views should be jailed and tried on the charges of violating the national security.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Let’s unite and fight against unemployment, flogging, low wages, and devastating policies of the IMF, by joining the trade unions.

Union of the Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI)


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