CODIR calls for real change in Iran

CODIR says:  We need to maximise our solidarity with the struggle of Iranian people for peace, and human and democratic rights!

Iran’s recent Presidential election was a sham. This statement may seem odd, even disrespectful of the vote cast by millions of Iranians. But look closer. Look past the mainstream media reports of the election as some kind of revival of democracy in Iran.

In reality the election, was at worst a squabble for power between proven tyrants. Both main candidates, including the winner Rouhani, have blood on their hands from control over many years of the political system, violation of human rights and persecution of democrats.

At best, the election gave sections of society, mainly from business and professional classes, an opportunity to express superficial support for Rouhani’s promise to enrich the Iranian economy which is in severe crisis. Rouhani gained 57% of the votes cast mainly from these elements and all of those desperate people who were forced to clutch at any straw in the hope of some good coming out of the election. In working class and rural areas turnout was low with many Polling Stations closing early. These sections of society have felt the full force of clerical failure, oppression and mismanagement of the economy, which is now ruined.

To gain an accurate picture of Iran’s election it necessary to go back to the beginning. No candidates with a record of opposition were allowed to stand. None were allowed with a platform of progressive or secular change. This kind of electoral choice is banned.

Rouhani is not a democrat.  He is a trusted servant of theocracy.  For 38 years he has been one of the top tier policy-makers of the Tehran regime. He is desperate to shore-up his position, desperate to win US and Western investment and trade. Unfortunately for him and his allies, the new US regime sees things differently. Trump’s bellicose position on Iran does not reflect a commitment to democracy and is dangerous to world peace.

The Iranian people are not the enemy in world politics. The Iranian leadership does not represent the majority of Iran’s population. Trump’s agenda should be rejected

worldwide. The anti-democratic Iranian government and state has no answers to Iran’s social and economic problems or the aspirations of its people and democratic organisations. It can only take Iran backwards.

The Iranian people, their trade unions, women and cultural activists and progressive political forces should be encouraged and are the real allies of peace in Iran and the Middle East.

Executive Council


May 2017


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