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Let’s make 2016, the year that our campaign succeeds in winning peace, human and democratic rights and social justice in Iran


Dear campaigner for human and democratic rights


We invite you/ your trade union/your organisation to affiliate (re-new your affiliation) to CODIR, the solidarity organisation that campaigns for peace, human and democratic rights, trade union rights and social justice in Iran!


Your valuable support for CODIR’s work will enable us to expand our crucial campaign for the recognition of human and trade union rights and the release of women campaigners, Iranian trade unionists, student and youth activists, peace campaigners, writers, poets and artists from unlawful imprisonment.


In previous years our campaign for freedom and social justice resulted in many positive outcomes.  The Iranian authorities feel the pressure of international public opinion when abuse of human and democratic rights is taking place in the country.  They know that we scrutinise their every action and statement.  Iranian trade unionists that are in contact with CODIR have confirmed the effectiveness of our campaigns and have called on us to continue and extend them.


Your affiliation is crucial for the broadening and deepening of our campaign.


The affiliation of a number of national trade unions in Britain, including UNISON, the NUT, FBU and RMT, has contributed to CODIR becoming the recognised voice of solidarity with the Iranian working people across Europe and in the English-speaking world.  CODIR is now working with a number of independent trade unions in Iran.


CODIR’s campaigns have won the support of many progressive MPs, MEPs, trade unions and Trades Councils in the UK, across the EU, in Turkey and in North America and we now have activists in Australia and India.




CODIR publishes Iran Today, its regular journal since 1981, explaining the latest developments in Iran and the most effective way that people in Britain can demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Iran.  CODIR also publishes press releases, newsletters and articles about important events in Iran.  Please visit CODIR’s website to find out more about what we stand for:


Please complete the affiliation form and send, together with your affiliation fee payable to CODIR.


Help us to ensure the cry of the Iranian people for peace, human and democratic rights and social justice reaches the world!  Affiliate to CODIR.


Thank you for your continued support.



Jane Green

National Campaign Officer




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London WC1N 3XX.