Iranian workers pause strike as employer pledges to meet demands

6 February, 2024After suspending their strike and then going back on it due to failed promises, Iranian steel workers have again suspended the strike after employers have committed to their demands, which include alignment of salaries with other steel companies, implementation of a job classification plan and reinstating dismissed workers.

In December last year, steel workers of the Iran National Steel Industrial Group (Insig) in Ahvaz, in the south of Iran, went on strike. At the end of the month, the workers went back to work after the employer promised to implement their demands. 

However, on 22 January workers restarted the strike as the employer failed to honour their commitments. Six days into the restart, the strike was supported by thousands across the streets of central Ahvaz. 

On 30 January, steelworkers ended the strike after a renewed commitment to meet workers’ demands. IndustriALL Iranian affiliate the Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI) has called on industrial workers, colleagues, and retirees across the steel industry in Iran to unite against exploitative practices and corporate greed. Their message is clear: together, we can challenge the forces that seek to undermine our collective well-being.

IndustriALL assistant general secretary Kemal Özkan says:

“Workers in Iran are fighting for a better life. IndustriALL stands in solidarity with the workers of Iran. We urge the authorities to meet workers’ demands and recognize independent unions.”

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