Unprecedented Crackdown on Women Intensifies in Iran

Widespread security force’s crackdown on women amidst economic hardship and public discontent

CODIR calls for urgent solidarity action with women in Iran!

Confirmed reports from Iran tell of a calculated attempt by the regime to drive the courageous women and youth away from protests in the streets, main throughfares, and city centres.

The recent crackdown by the security forces on women is taking place against the backdrop of a failing economy and widespread public discontent. The Iranian dictatorial regime, which has failed to overcome the deep economic crisis it has created, is presiding over a relentless rise in the cost of living. The majority of the population is being crushed under the weight of meagre wages, at the same time as the price of basic goods, food items and rents is skyrocketing.

Protests by workers, teachers, pensioners, nurses, students, young people, and women across Iran reflect the dire economic situation and deep-seated opposition towards the continuing rule of the theocratic regime.

Engulfed in political, social, and economic crises, as well as rampant corruption, the regime is attempting to achieve two goals with its crackdown on Iran’s courageous women: 1)To demonstrate to its remaining loyal supporters its unwavering commitment to its outdated and medieval beliefs, and 2) To divert public attention away from its economic failures, endemic corruption (including massive embezzlement by its officials and their families), growing social ills, and the environmental destruction caused by its wasteful missile programs, all of which have blatantly squandered hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds.

Jailed Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Narges Mohammadi urged Iranians to protest against “full-scale war against women” after authorities intensified their crackdown obliging women to obey the country’s Islamic dress code.

Gawain Little, General Secretary of CODIR, this morning confirmed that the recent crackdown on women in Iran is a direct consequence of the decree by Ali Khamene’i, the regime’s Supreme Religious Leader.  Khamene’i’s aim is to return the country to how it was before the murder in custody of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 and the massive “Woman! Life! Freedom!” protests which followed. Since then, the majority of women in Iran have chosen to shed their hijab in a show of defiance against the misogynistic regime and public assertion of their rights.

Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i, the head of the regime’s judiciary, brazenly acknowledged that the decision to intensify the crackdown on women was made during a recent joint meeting of the three branches of government [executive, legislative and judiciary]. Despite the ongoing street swoops by security forces, often accompanied by excessive violence, arrests, and detention of women and girls, the courageous and resilient women of Iran remain steadfast in their demands. They flatly refuse to succumb to the regime’s oppressive mandates, including forced hijab and other gender-based restrictions. These acts of defiance serve as a beacon of hope, underscoring the unwavering spirit of the Iranian people in their pursuit of freedom and justice.

With the regime’s actions, popular resistance has not dwindled in the least, and the solidarity demonstrated by the public, and support extended to those arrested, including efforts to secure their release, is growing markedly. All evidence points to the fact that the current resistance, together with popular support for women, is set to significantly broaden in scope.

The Committee for the Defence of Iranian People Rights (CODIR) strongly condemns the brutal assault on Iran’s brave and resilient women and calls on trade unions to protest the actions of the ruling regime in Iran.

CODIR believes that only through the concerted and widespread efforts of women’s rights organizations, human rights defenders, and the mobilization of public opinion around the world, expressing solidarity with the struggle of Iranian women and supporting their cause, can this oppressive regime be forced to retreat.

Please direct your protests, to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in your country and/or the regime’s diplomatic missions in the United Nations and the EU. Please send CODIR a copy of your message.

Iranian women must be free from misogyny and repression and to decide for themselves about every aspect of their lives.

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