Solidarity group condemns Tehran terror attacks

7th June 2017

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Solidarity organisation, the Committee for the Defence of the Iranian People’s Rights (CODIR), has strongly condemned today’s terrorist attack and the killing of innocent Iranian citizens in Tehran, for which Islamic terrorist group Isis has claimed responsibility.

According to the reports from the Iranian Interior Ministry, four male terrorists wearing hijab entered the Iranian Parliament complex from the public entrance.  However, they proceeded to enter a side building of Parliament where a security guard appears to have been killed, before firing shots from the windows of the building.  One of the assailants then appeared to have detonated his explosive vest.


As soon as the first shots were fired, the guards and security forces surrounded the building, meaning that the terrorists were holed up inside.  All of the terrorists have now been confirmed dead.  According to the emergency services, twelve citizens were killed in the attack and 42 are reported injured.


Simultaneously, in another incident, two Isis terrorists attacked the shrine of the late Ayatollah Khomeini in South Tehran.  One detonated his suicide vest and the other died after swallowing a cyanide capsule he had upon his person.


CODIR has expressed concern that the attacks follow quickly on from the visit of the US President, Donald Trump, to Saudi Arabia.  Trump’s identification of Iran as the principal source of terrorism in the region was greeted warmly by his Saudi hosts, underlining the desire of the Saudis to be the key player in the Middle East and their malevolent and sectarian intent towards their near neighbour.


CODIR Assistant Secretary, Jamshid Ahmadi, reflected these concerns in comments today stating:


“This is a dangerous escalation of the regional power politics and a particularly sad day for the ordinary people of Iran, who have been caught up in these events.  Our thoughts are with the families of all of those citizens killed and injured in this cowardly attack.


While we have been critical of the lack of any true democratic reforms under the government of Hassan Rouhani, this sort of action can only play into the hands of hard-line religious zealots in Iran who want to further distance the Islamic Republic from the international community.”


CODIR has consistently spoken out against war and terrorism.  The people of Iran, in their struggle for peace, democracy and human and democratic rights, do not support terrorism nor should they be its victims.


“We will continue to monitor the situation,” said Mr. Ahmadi.  “The regional alliance of the United States and Saudi Arabia is one which has already resulted in regional instability in Syria and Iraq, creating a major humanitarian crisis.  The ordinary people of Iran have no desire to be drawn into such a situation and will do everything in their power to resist it.  As a solidarity organisation we will do all that we can to support them.”


CODIR has campaigned for over 30 years to highlight and bring to an end trade union and human rights abuses in Iran, and will continue to support the rights of the Iranian people and highlight the injustices continually perpetrated against them.





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CODIR is the Committee for the Defence of the Iranian People’s Rights.  It has been established since 1981 and has consistently campaigned to expose human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

CODIR has worked closely with the trade union movement in the UK, the peace movement, all major political parties and Amnesty International to press the case for an end to torture in Iran’s prisons.

CODIR has published Iran Today, its quarterly journal, since 1981, explaining the latest developments in Iran and the most effective way that the British public opinion could demonstrate its solidarity with the people of Iran.

In recent years CODIR has worked closely with Stop the War Coalition and has been vocal against any form of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the nation.


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