IndustriALL Global Union in solidarity with Chadormalu mineworkers in Iran

Dear sisters and brothers,
I am writing this letter to you as the General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, which represents more than fifty million workers in mining, energy and manufacturing sectors in more than 140 countries, to express our full support and solidarity with the struggle of 300
mineworkers, who were summarily dismissed on 25 January at the Chadormalu mine.

IndustriALL calls on the Labour Department and the provincial authorities to address the legitimate demands of the workers, and intervene at the Chadormalu mine to put an end to the deplorable subcontracting system that results in the exploitation of the workforce.

As we stated in our letter to President Hassan Rouhani last week—in the context of the conflict at the Khomeini Petrochemical Complex—main employers rather than employing workers directly and taking full responsibility as a main and responsible employer, they resort to a network of human resources companies and contractors that profit handsomely and unscrupulously on the back of workers.

Therefore, IndustriALL Global Union urges the Iranian government to act without delay to ensure that the Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co., which owns the Chadormalu mine, reinstate all the workers immediately, stop subcontracting workers and instead employ them directly and guarantee decent working conditions in the mine.

In solidarity,

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