Solidarity message of CO-industri Denmark to the striking oil workers in Iran

Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics of Iran (UMMI)                                                                     Dato:          7. juli 2021

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Islamic Republic of Iran CO-sagsnr.    : INT-2019-01117  Deres journalnr.   : 

In solidarity with oil and gas workers and their Strike Campaign 1400 in Iran

Dear sisters and brothers,

I am writing this letter to you as the General Secretary of The Central Organisation of industrial employees in Denmark – “CO-industri” – , to express our full support and solidarity with the members of the Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics in Iran (UMMI), as well as with all the workers at oil and gas projects and petrochemical plants, who have gone on strike in South Pars, in Tehran, and across Iran, involving at least 72 companies, as part of the coordinated action called Strike Campaign 1400.

CO-industri condemns in the strongest possible terms the firing of 700 workers, who were fired for joining the petrochemicals strike.  We demand that they be immediately reinstated.

CO-industri supports your call to the government for better wages, including a set of wage demands for each employment category, adequate social security and better living conditions. Workers are willing to return to work if employers meet their demands.

Workers are employed by subcontracting companies, which provide labour for development projects in the oil and gas fields.  Contractors routinely underpay social security contributions by misclassifying workers, which affects their pensions, unemployment and sickness cover. This situation is unacceptable, and in blatant violation of international core labour standards.  

We congratulate you on your tremendous courage and resolve in the face of oppression, and we stand in solidarity with your struggle and just demands.

In solidarity,

René Moser-Johansen

International Secretary, 


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