Iran teachers’ professional body condemns arrest of activists

March 18, 2022- the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (Tehran province) ‎condemned the arrest and detention of Ms. Haleh Safarzadeh and Mr. Alireza Saghafi, ‎warning the Iranian government and security decision-makers that the continuation of ‎these arrests will not prevent the occurrence of what you warn yourself.‎

In recent months, pressure on trade union, civil, and political activists by the security ‎agencies of Iran has increased extensively.

However, the inefficiency and systemic corruption and the pressure of economic ‎sanctions resulting from the nuclear adventures of the political regime of Iran have ‎practically driven the livelihood of the Iranian people into the most difficult conditions.

It seems that the increase in police confrontations with civil activists and trade unionists is ‎aimed at preventing what the political and military rulers themselves call a social ‎explosion.‎

Therefore, the arrests of Haleh Safarzadeh and Alireza Saghafi in previous days should ‎also be analyzed withing such pretext.

Although Haleh Safarzadeh has been a well-known labour activist for many years, she has ‎also been a teacher and a member of the Iranian Teachers’ Association (ITA) and has had ‎an effective presence in all recent years in the activities and actions of the ITA.

Alireza Saghafi, as a labour activist, has always played an effective role in training civil and ‎social forces inside the country by translating and authoring numerous books.‎

Therefore, the ITA (Tehran) condemns the arrest and detention of Haleh Safarzadeh and ‎Alireza Saghafi, warning the government officials and security decision-makers that the ‎continuation of these detentions will not prevent the occurrence what you warn yourself.

Genuine attention to the livelihoods of people, especially teachers, workers, and retirees, ‎and a real focus on the national interest rather than on the regional and international ‎adventures, is the only way to improve the current situation, which the current regime ‎does not seem to be paying any attention to.‎

Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (Tehran province)

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