ITUC Calls for the Release of Trade Union Activists in Iran

International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC) writes to ILO to raise the plight of Civil and Trade Union Activists imprisoned in Iran

As reported by the Iranian news website Akhbar-Rooz, the General Secretary of the ‎International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has called on the International Labour ‎Organization (ILO) to intervene and ask the Iranian government for the immediate and ‎unconditional release of Ms. Haleh Safarzadeh and Mr. Alireza Saghafi, whose labour ‎rights have been violated.‎

According to Akhbar-Rooz, the ITUC petition states that Ms. Safarzadeh and Mr. Saghafi ‎were tried at the revolutionary court of Karaj on 25 July 2019 on the false charge ‎of propaganda against the Iranian regime and sentenced to one year imprisonment.‎

Haleh Safarzadeh, Alireza Saghafi, and others were arrested at a private gathering at Mr. ‎Saghafi’s workplace. Although other activists were released on the same day, Haleh ‎Safarzadeh and Alireza Saghafi remain in one of Iran’s most brutal prisons (Kachuei), ‎where prisoners are being held for serious criminal offenses.‎

The ITUC notes that the Committee for the Freedom of Associations and the ‎Committee on the Application of Standards have repeatedly drawn the attention of the ‎Iranian regime to its failure to respect the basic rights and core conventions of the ‎International Labour Organization (ILO).‎

The Confederation has requested the immediate intervention of the International Labor ‎Organization and has called on the Iranian government to immediately and ‎unconditionally release Haleh Safarzadeh and Alireza Saghafi, return any and all of their ‎confiscated belongings, and drop all charges against them, and stop any further arrests, ‎harassment, or intimidation.

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