IndustriALL Global Union in solidarity with steelworkers at Ahvaz Steel in Iran

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am writing this letter to you as General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, representing more than fifty million workers in the mining, energy and manufacturing industries in 141 countries, to express our full support and solidarity with the steelworkers at the National Steel Industrial Group (Ahvaz Steel).

IndustriALL Global Union calls on Ahvaz Steel to address the demands of the workers. It is imperative that Ahvaz Steel resume production at the plant immediately, implement the job classification scheme, pay the recognised supplement for arduous work, reinstate the transportation cards, and restore the 20 hours’ overtime for the protesting workers.

Nevertheless, the management of Ahvaz Steel instead of resolving the legiimate issues raised by the workers, it has resorted to anti-union tactics, including banning seven prominent protesting workers from entering the company’s premises, and cancelling the right to an overtime work allowance for all protesting workers.

Therefore, IndustriALL Global Union urges the National Steel Industrial Group (Ahvaz Steel) to engage in good-faith negotiations with the steelworkers and union representatives at the plant to find a fair and just solution to their demands.

IndustriALL Global Union stands in solidarity with the steelworkers at Ahvaz Steel in their struggle to achieve full respect of their fundamental labour rights and achieve decent working conditions.

In solidarity,

Atle Høie

General Secretary

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