Justice for Mahsa Amini – World Federation of Democratic Youth WFDY

Mahsa Amini was only 22 years old. On the 15th of September, after being arrested by the so-called “morality police” of the Islamic Republic of Iran for wearing the hijab “wrongly”, she was mistreated and ultimately killed in their custody.

The murder of Mahsa Amini has generated a wave of protests –both in her hometown of Saqqez and in cities across Iran– where women and young people are having a crucial role. The demands have transcended from demanding justice for Mahsa Amini to struggling to abolish the reactionary and hated ‘morality police’ and even for the end of the theocratic regime, as well as in defence of peace, sovereignty, human and democratic rights, and social justice.

WFDY are alarmed to note that, so far, at least 50 people have been killed by the theocratic regime’s security forces –the majority of whom were young demonstrators– with hundreds more injured and maimed. We also acknowledge the thousands of arrests of protesters that have taken place over just the last few days.

As the protest movement in Iran widens, we can also detect certain attempts by reactionary forces in the Middle East, and their USA and EU imperialist backers, to take advantage of the situation to advance their own interests. WFDY along with the Iranian progressive forces denounce these attempts and believe that imperialism and reaction truly care neither about the situation in Iran nor the interests of the Iranian people.

The slogans of the demonstrating protesters in Iran are clear and have expressed the positive and progressive direction of the protesters towards a future of peace, human and democratic rights, national sovereignty, and social justice. Along with the frequent cries of “Women, Life, and Liberty!”, we note and applaud another key slogan of the protests, “Down with the oppressor; whether king or ‘Supreme Leader’!”

The Tudeh Youth of Iran, a member organisation of WFDY since its foundation, has confirmed that the slogans of demonstrations and the direction of the protests are in defence of peace, democracy, human and democratic rights, and an independent Iran. They reject and resist any foreign intervention or move by imperialism and its reactionary allies to take advantage of the current developments in Iran.

WFDY calls upon all of its member organisations to support the struggle of the Iranian youth for peace and progress and, in doing so, to guard against any attempt to exploit the conditions for diverting the course of a democratic, secular, progressive movement in Iran. WFDY expresses its solidarity with the Tudeh Youth of Iran and, through close communication and cooperation, we will work to ensure the course of this popular movement towards peace and progress is not diverted.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth wishes to express its solidarity with the family and friends of Mahsa Amini, as well as all victims of the “morality police” and theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We denounce any attempt by imperialist forces such as the USA, the EU, and NATO to use this situation as a pretext for imperialist aggression and interference. We reiterate that the future of Iran and its political system is a matter that should be determined by the Iranian people and them alone. We salute the mobilisations and the dignified demands for peace, sovereignty, human and democratic rights, and social justice taking place right now in Iran.

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