The September 2018 issue of Iran Today is out now!

Table of Contents:

NEU solidarity- Defend the rights of teachers in Iran                                              Page 2

Editorial:  Yes to Solidarity, No to foreign intervention                                            Page 3

Sanctions step up threat of war                                                                                Page 4

Protests pave the road to peace                                                                             Page 5

Workers demand the most basic rights                                                                   Page 6-7

NASUWT solidarity- Free Esmail Abdi                                                                 Poster- insert

Theocracy wages war on those who dare to show dissent!                                     Page 8-9

Repression of women continued unabated!                                                               Page 10

Fire Brigade Union- solidarity with workers and trade unionists in Iran                     Page 11

UNISON Scotland solidarity greetings                                                                        page 11

UNITE stands in solidarity with the campaign for trade union rights in Iran             Page 15

Iran Today Sep 2018

For full-colour hard copies of this bulletin, please contact CODIR directly.


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