Iran’s Israel strike coincided with crackdown on dissent at home

By Parisa Hafezi April 23, 2024 DUBAI, April 23 (Reuters) – The same day Iran launched its first ever direct attack on Israel it embarked on a less-noticed confrontation at home, ordering police in several cities to take to the streets to arrest […]

Iran seems like it’s in escalation mode – but all-out war with Israel is the last thing it wants

Lina Khatib The country is on the defensive. While Israel has ironclad support from its allies, Tehran is vulnerable and isolatedMon 22 Apr 2024 11.13 BSTShare Tit-for-tat confrontation between Israel and Iran has sparked concerns about escalation dragging the Middle East into […]

Iran: Security Forces Rape, Torture, Detainees

Kurdish, Baluch, Azeri, and Other Ethnic Communities Apparently Targeted (Beirut) – Iran’s security forces raped, tortured, and sexually assaulted detainees while repressing widespread protests in 2022 and 2023, Human Rights Watch said today. The grave abuses are part of a broader pattern […]

CODIR Bulletin April 2024 is published!

CODIR has published a bulletin. The bulletin covers the following:

CODIR joins DOIW to protest against upsurge of intimation against women’s right campaigners! 

Confirmed reports from Iran indicate that the dictatorial regime there has launched a massive campaign of intimidation, arrest, and maltreatment of women’s rights activists in the country.  During the past two weeks many peaceful campaigners have been arrested and transferred […]


Iran: New wave of brutal attacks against Baluchi protesters and worshippers

The Iranian authorities’ relentless onslaught against weekly peaceful protests by thousands of protesters and worshippers from Iran’s oppressed Baluchi minority in Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan province, escalated on Friday 20 October, as security forces resorted to severe beatings, unlawful use […]

Iran: Compulsory veiling bill a despicable assault on rights of women and girls

Reacting to the news that Iran’s parliament has passed a new bill that would impose further draconian penalties severely violating women’s and girls’ rights as well as increasing  prison terms and fines for defying Iran’s degrading and discriminatory compulsory veiling laws, […]

Iranian Teenager Reported Brain Dead by State Media

What happened to Armita Geravand, who entered a subway car and was carried out minutes later, is unclear. But her case evoked parallels to that of Mahsa Amini. By Emma Bubola and Leily Nikounazar Oct. 23, 2023 Armita Geravand, the Iranian girl who […]

Iran sentences 2 journalists for reporting Mahsa Amini’s death in “morality police” custody

Story by Via AP news wire A court in Iran sentenced two female journalists to up to seven years in prison for “collaborating” with the United States government among other charges, local reports said. Both have been imprisoned for over a year following their […]

Invitation to AGM 2023   

Join us to celebrate, plan, and consolidate CODIR  14:30 Saturday, 11 November London, NW1 2AY We invite all CODIR’s members and affiliates to REGISTER and attend our 2023 AGM! Keynote speakers on: “Woman, Life, Freedom” and  “The Campaign for Trade Union Rights in Iran”

Iranian dissident Taghi Rahmani: ‘Narges Mohammadi receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is a setback for the Iranian regime’

The husband of the activist who won the Nobel Prize argues that this award boosts the struggle of the Iranian women who participated in protests against the Islamic Republic TRINIDAD DEIROS BRONTE Iranian Narges Mohammadi, 51, who won the Nobel Peace […]

Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody in Iran, awarded EU human rights prize

Story by By Associated Press Reporters Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who died in police custody in Iran last year, sparking worldwide protests against the country’s conservative Islamic theocracy, has been awarded the European Union (EU)’s top human rights […]

Theocratic Regime is Fearful, Desperate, and Despotic!

Seventy years after the coup in Iran overthrew the democratically elected government, former British Foreign Secretary, David Owen, has described the event as being orchestrated by British Intelligence to safeguard British imperialist interests in Iran’s oil resources. With the active […]

Notice of AGM

Notice of AGM 2023 Join us to celebrate, plan, and consolidate CODIR’s work. 14:30 – 16.30 Saturday, 11 November Venue in central London and online (details to follow) All CODIR’s members and affiliates are invited. Email us on for information and registration forms. This […]

Iran: Rights experts ‘dismayed’ over continued imprisonment of Nobel Laureate Mohammadi

UN independent human rights experts on Wednesday called for the immediate release of Narges Mohammadi, an imprisoned Iranian human rights activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her unwavering commitment to women’s rights in the country. Ms. Mohammadi […]