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The Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations (CCITTA): Resolution of the National Rally on Thursday 12 May 2022

Esteemed colleagues and educated teachers, Today’s rally is held at a time when parts of the regime, in open opposition to Articles 26 and 27 of the [national] Constitution, have directed a massive wave of attacks against trade unionists across […]

Urgent Call for Solidarity with 4 Teacher Trade Unionists!

Arrested teachers pressurised to accept bogus charges of having acted against national security! As reports begin to emerge of the harassment, intimidation, and interrogation of four teacher activists recently detained [last week] by the regime, their defence counsel has disclosed […]

Dozens of Teachers Arrested in Iran During Workers’ Day Protests

Iranian security forces arrested at least 28 teachers in the four days leading up to International Workers’ Day, between 28 April and 1 May 2022, according to the Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations  (CCITTA). Several activists from other labour […]

ITUC Calls for the Release of Trade Union Activists in Iran

International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC) writes to ILO to raise the plight of Civil and Trade Union Activists imprisoned in Iran As reported by the Iranian news website Akhbar-Rooz, the General Secretary of the ‎International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) […]

Iran teachers’ professional body condemns arrest of activists

March 18, 2022- the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (Tehran province) ‎condemned the arrest and detention of Ms. Haleh Safarzadeh and Mr. Alireza Saghafi, ‎warning the Iranian government and security decision-makers that the continuation of ‎these arrests will not prevent the occurrence of […]

DISK campaigns for the release of labour activists in Iran.

01.04.22 Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ankara, Turkey On behalf of its 200 000 members Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DISK) demands the […]

Iran: IUF demands release of imprisoned labour rights defenders

The IUF has written the government of Iran to demand the immediate and unconditional release of long-time labour rights defenders Haleh Safarzadeh and Alireza Saghafi. The two were arrested on March 11, 2022 and immediately taken to Kachuei Prison in […]

Canadian Trade Union, TSSU, stands in solidarity with Iranian teachers protests

The Teaching Support Staff Union stands in solidarity with members of the Iranian Teachers Trade Associations (ITTA) who have been protesting for salary raises, better retirement plans and releasing their activists and people who have been arrested in protests. A […]

NEU Support for Teachers’ Strikes and Protests in Iran

António Guterres Secretary-General United Nations c/o Stéphane Dujarric Spokesman for the Secretary-General By email: Dear Secretary General, NEU Support for Teachers’ Strikes and Protests in Iran The Iranian government has not yet responded to the demands of four series of […]

NEU letter of protest to Iranian Ambassador on the arrest of teacher trade union leader

H.E. Mr. Mohsen Baharvand Ambassador Islamic Republic of Iran 16 Prince’s GateLondon SW7 1PT By email: 28 January 2022 Your Excellency, We write as Joint General Secretaries of the National Education Union (NEU), the largest education union in the […]